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Published 9 June 2015

Tools and resources for trading

MT4 is a client terminal for online trading purposes. It is intended for receiving quotes and news in the online mode, performing of trade operations, controlling and managing of open positions and pending orders, conducting of technical analysis...

forexfactory has a huge forum with many many topics. Useful if you want to lean more, all skills

Many indicators:

Chat with many specialists

Currency convertor, news, articles

Specialized dictionary

Another forum but more specialized

Amibroker: Professional tool for individual investor featuring: advanced formula language for writing indicators and trading systems; comprehensive back-testing reports; ...

Aptistock: Aptistock is your free stock market analysis software, free stock software and stock software.

Gannalyst pro 5: Gann Analysis and Charting Software

Netquote charts: Netquote Charts is a fully featured technical analysis charting application.

Wall Street Analyzer: Wall Street Analyzer is a free charting software that helps you manage and analyze stocks and futures with unique features.

FiboTrader: Free chart analysis software for stocks, Fibonacci, portfolio management, strategy development and much more.

QChartist : : a technical analysis software created by myself.
Mirror links :

TC2000 : TA software for US stocks

TradingView : complete TA interface online

Gives intraday and eod quotes for free

Gives eod quotes for free

My trading system "System Sync" : A blog which mix markets, technical analysis and coding. and : another blog which mix markets, technical analysis and coding. : Time-Price-Research talks about patterns, cycles, seasonality, astronomy + AstroFin, Moon + Delta, Sun + Markets, George Bayer, W.D. Gann, J.M. Hurst, COT, sunspots, ... : trading resources : Bonnie’s Links

For a great MT4 demo account at JFD with currencies and international stocks: : You are here. I bet that you have had enough experience with different charting tools and methods of Technical Analysis. You have tried Fibonacci levels, pitchforks and other. You have applied different indicators. Moreover, you know what it is really worth. That is the reason why you are still looking for a better tool. : Cyclic vibrations is a company that conducts research on the financial markets and attempts to find repetitive patterns that have predictive value. The cycles that occur consistently in the financial markets have proven to be reliable in predicting prices and fundamental events. Our analysis is not limited to cyclical analysis, we also conduct traditional technical analysis to support the hypothesis derived about the future of the market and the geopolitical arena from our cyclical analysis. Once one determines what cycle we are in predicting the future becomes simply projecting that same cycle that occurred in the past into the future. This is true in terms of prices and events. Our researchers spend their time figuring out what cycle we are in in order to provide accurate and reliable forecasts of the future. We have revealed in these few words what many try to conceal. We encourage you to read our researches in order to get a better perspective on what we are all about. : Astrology for Gann Traders offers a unique educational experience for traders wishing to decipher the esoteric mysteries veiled within the teachings of legendary trader W.D.Gann. Discover the keys to unlocking the ancient astrological knowledge encoded in Gann’s novel , "The Tunnel Thru the Air," and how to gain a trading edge. : Financial Astrology Cycles provide educational services on future market movement based on historical price values and astro-cycles analysis. Forecast may be implemented for financial instruments such as stocks, futures, indexes, commodities and Forex. : Cycles Research fills the void between fundamental research, conventional technical analysis, economic data and geopolitical events through the medium of predictive analytics. This discipline was developed by a professional fund manager to fill a void in the research spectrum. : Join our Worldwide Invest Forum to get the latest news about Automated Currency Trading, Cfd Trading Forum, Current Forex News & Trading Systems, Forex Exchange & Trading, Forex Foreign Exchange, Forex Trade Forum, system & Currency Exchange from the experts*/* A good astro software Their finance api is great Forum Provide intraday chart data for free Forum They have premarket data Forum My trading system System Sync They have premarket data and after hours Join Stocktwits for free stock discussions, prices, and market sentiment with millions of investors and traders. Stocktwits is the largest social network for finance.

Documents and books that i strongly encourage to read :
- Earik Beann - Techniques of an Astrotrader
- Earik Beann - The Handbook of Market Esoterica
- Public Gann Methods For Using the Planet Longitudes written by Myles Wilson Walker
- Traders World magazine #30
- Using planetary harmonics to find key reversals in the market
- T.S. Phillips - Astro Trading Technics
- Diego Ratti - Wall Street Watchman
- The kit of 8 indicators from Mostapha Belkhayate
- Murrey Math :
- Patrick Mikula - The Definitive Guide to Forecasting Using W.D. Gann Square of Nine

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